I’m a female freelance photographer & designer based in Sydney, Australia - I work with people, both locally and worldwide.

As photography & imaging is not my full-time job I offer very competitive rates.

2010 Retouching Rates

  • Basic edits - $2 per photo

colour correction, exposure, contrast, sharpness

  • Intermediate edits - $5 per photo

skin smoothing, blemish removal, background cleanups, eye colour changes (includes basic edits)

  • Advanced edits - $10 per photo

replace background, advanced blemish removal, montages, digital makeup, body/face sculpting (includes basic & intermediate edits)

other Photoshop work is also available, please message me for a quote

Bulk rate discounts available on 10 or more images

NB. All prices are in $US. All work is payable via PayPal


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